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Sascha was born into the arts, expanding from drawing, sculpture, music, and acting. Her grandmother was a well-known film editor and archeologist. Sascha’s grandfather was the late actor and two-time academy award nominee, Roy Scheider, best known for Jaws, French Connection and All That JazzWhile living in Florence Italy studying fine artsSascha started her first online business when she was 17 to help connect artists and gallery spaces and to teach artists how to monetize their work 


After moving back to the States she created a first of it's kind, photo animation app and Plotaverse. Listed on Facebook's "Top 5 Photo Apps" and 2019's MarketWatch list for Top Product Innovations, Plotaverse has gotten over 11 million downloads and is used by top brands and celebrities, instantly tripling their engagement on social media. Sascha also achieved Forbes 30 under 30 for Consumer Tech of 2019.